Saturday, July 25, 2009

you gonna eat that?

part 2 of the chris and matt story. so not to very long ago i was sitting in a high school cafeteria, still a little high and enjoying a game of chess with my nerdy friends from the chess club. i was too cool to be in chess club but not to cool to beat the kids at chess during lunch from chess club. in fact i think there were days i didn't attend class before lunch then i skipped out again after playing through three lunch sessions. thats how much i hated school and thats how much i liked to play chess.

but anyway i was sitting there and i saw the most gorgeous young lady i had ever set eyes on. ok who am i kidding, at that age and level of maturity im sure none of those words would have come out of my mouth. more like smokin hottness, or fine piece of .... you get the idea. so our eyes met and i was speechless. i was sure she was new to school as i had never seen her before and prided myself with my great knowledge of attractive female peers. never before had i seen this girl and i had to know who she was. nobody i knew knew, and so i had to introduce myself. as i so proudly tell every one i know, the words that followed were my favorite of this lifetime. im going to marry that girl one day. oh yeah, i said it. isnt that just fun? yeah i know.

so she has this boyfriend and i dont care and i sat beside him and her and just said hey. some awkward teenage talk ensued and then i returned to the chess game feeling very smug despite the less than encouraging comments from my fellow chess group.

turns out i worked with a gal at the grocery, where i was a cart boy, who knew chris and how i could get ahold of her. this gal assured me that she was seeing someone and didnt want to speak to me. but like i always did i got what i wanted, her phone number. a few four hour phone conversations later and a first date that got her grounded for her birthday and christmas we were officially an item. she would have been home on time except for the 45 min kiss good night that was prompted by confessions of true love for one another.

considering all the ways our teenage romance went wrong over the next couple of years our eventual christ centered marriage is a real testament of how much God played a role in each of our lives, bringing us today to where we are.

much more for later, but long story short. i corrupted the nice nerdy church going girl. dragged her through the mud and back again. i nearly died for the third time and at this point was sure i had lost everything. but she forgave me, then he forgave me, and now i have the rest of our lives to make it up to her. she could have left but she didnt. what an amazing thought. i will always remember lying in the hospital only just awake from surgery, the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, hopelessness. when i saw her walk into my room i completely fell apart. first from shame and guilt, then to her her sweet voice say i love you and i forgive you. it was the most intense emotional experience i have known.

well, i now i feel all warm and fuzzy. i have lots to tell you about non-chris stuff but i think i will go cuddle with my dork for a while.



  1. OK, now dude, what makes her such a big dork? Huh? I mean really now. You just said it. She's pretty incredible in her own right. She's gorgeous and smart and fun-loving and God-fearing and makes the most silly faces. What's so dorky about that, eh?!?

  2. for some reason dorky is an offensive derogatory term. i mean it in the most adoring and complimentary way possible. you must realize she is every thing i envied as an adolescent. the band thing, the laughing in public and not caring who's watching. having an opinion and not caving because its the minority opinion. being cool is over rated and i personally aspire to become a nerd/dork/geek and these sorts of things. i want to use big words and and operate complicated electronics and know the lingo to go with it while also playing real music on a legitamate instrument(not deep purple on the guitar) and type really crazy fast and join in on discussions with topics other than sports or cars, something like literature for instance. do you know how many books shes read... and how big they are....and how many times she's read the same ones. for FUN. of course you do, cause you share her great ability to know who you are and be comfortable with it. when you see dork you should read -awesome one- and take pride in the greatness you have achieved or been gifted by the grace of God.

    The Few The Proud The Geeks. Rock on dude!

  3. I remember you told me once that you and I were going to be in-laws one day. ^_^

  4. The really breathtaking fact about the Chris and Matt story is that it is really just the beginning.....and all of us who know and love you guys are looking forward to watching the rest unfold!