Monday, July 27, 2009

tick tock, tick tock

originally when i decided i would try blogging i assumed i would be telling you on a day to day basis the adventures and happenings that are the floyd's. interestingly enough i have found that while i could do so and do enjoy to do so i cannot possibly fit all that goes on here into this place. so then narrowing it down to just the heart stopping and death defying should suffice. but if you throw in requests and take away a few nights of the evening for working late and family time etc. i realize it is just not to be.

i dont think blogging should be stressful. in fact thats the reason i enjoyed it so much to begin with. it was freeing. i complain and exaggerate stories to my amusement and after all is said and done im feelin all right all right.

heres the new twist. because of my being present here on a regular basis i could not help but take interest in other blogs as they are just saturating the environment that is blogspot. so now add my interest in other blogs and my crazy huge amount of chaos that is my life, with a touch of busy schedule and making up for lost time, and this is what you get....

....well, i dont know what to call it, but its this. I'm ok with this, but i need to feel the enjoyment with out the pressure. im kind of a pressure kind of guy. if there were no pressure from here to montezuma i would make some just so i could comfort myself with the warm presence of imminent failure and inadequacy. even with things that i enjoy i find a way to be competitive, or when things are going smoothly already i find a way to do it better or faster or harder if it produces more of the results im looking for. apparently pressure is some kind of tool. an unhealthy tool. i could use some rest and relaxation, i just dont believe ive got it in me...


well i built a fence, cut off some old ladies doors lives 30 min. away for free cause my boss was feeling particularly cheap and that just aint right, had some fun eating with home schoolers and later friends, then did a so-so job of meeting presentation in less than dress code fashion. its just my style. i can get all fru fru on occasion, but i live in dirty holey jeans and cut off tee shirts. i have always disliked the negative attention i draw, but its so worth the volumes of info you learn about paradigms in our society. i dont mean any disrespect by showing up to church in tattered clothes. but i know its not hip and i do it anyway. so what does that say about me? i dunno. i do know i dont care what it says about me because thats just it, if you know me... you know i dig my clothes and i love people and i dont like to offend people. but if my clothes are saying to you something like "i dont revere God" or "im a bum" then i got news for you. clothes dont talk. i will tell you again i dont like offending people but if your the kind of person that is offended by my clothes then first of all you dont know me and second im more than happy to make an exception for you cause youre special.

wow i have no idea where that all came from. i should probably go now.

be back soon.


  1. You know. Life's a conundrum. One big walking contradiction after another. That's part of the beauty of it.

    And the synapses just fire all over the place. "I got chills. They're multiplyin'." (That one was for you, Donna. ;)

    You're making me laugh, man.

  2. Rock on, shaggy bro! I now have company in the "underdressed adult" category at church. It was lonely all those years.