Monday, July 13, 2009

fair success

The fair was a great time. me and my crew headed out to the big 4-h while mama hosted her beauty spa. Which seemed to be very rewarding for all in attendance. Glad to be of service Mrs. Floyd.

We started off in the Pioneer village checking out the country stuff, my favorite. Me in my best attempt at cowboy attire; boots, fit jeans, buttoned collared shirt with sleeves rolled up, and hat to complete the ensemble. I really want to be a cowboy... did i mention that. So then we headed for the animals and the best thing to ever happen to a barn with animals in it has come to howard county, FANS! you know i love animals, but ever year you can count on the rank accumulation of every animals excrement and sweat fogging up the place. up until this year when to my most pleasant shock the were dozens of huge fans totally moving the air in there which allowed for my most memorable and enjoyable barn animal viewing interacting experience. not only did i have no immeadiate desire to leave but even encouraged the kids to take their time and have another look around once their attention was finally deteriorating. a quick snack and car ride later we found ourselves amidst a flurry of "done up" women munchin on some sweet stuffs and minty lemonade. what a blast right? right. well, its not for me but im glad they seemed to enjoy it. My lady is such a good host.

well thats it for today. i dunno maybe this blogging will turn out to be more enjoyable than i give it credit, however im still skeptical as to how long will it go on before i become occupied elsewhere and completely forget what a blog is.... if only it were possible. its addicting, i have an addictive personality. its sinful i tell you. down right evil!


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  1. Matt - you are awesome! Thanks again for taking over the kids while we had our spa (not to mention coming home and doing the dishes!!). If Barri tries to 'set you straight', don't listen to him.......:)

    P.S. Chris is an amazing hostess!