Thursday, July 30, 2009

fightin for the prize

this post is for the sole purpose of winning a lacy bead thing! please note this contest is at lemonade makin mamas blog which you can find at, this along with my now following her blog and leaving a comment affords me three entries. im sure you would understand if you knew just how competitive i am. and how much my wife would think i was cool for winning the lemonade makin mama contest.

thanks so much


  1. Oh yeah, *this* is why we like guys, Edie.

    "Isn't he the cutest thing? He has the nicest sense of humor."

    --Sally Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas

  2. Girl, you didn't even have to tell me where that was from. C'mon over here. Let's quote dialog, soul sista.

    Yes, you're right. There darn funny. And cute too. MM! That one gets me every time.

  3. I used the wrong "there" in my haste. Somebody shoot me.