Thursday, July 23, 2009


tonight the floyd kids got their medals of participation. for running. they ran in a series of six races. they only completed five due to a loss in our family (we were in another state) but all in all it was a great experience. they received ribbons and Popsicles for each event and they had a lot of fun doing it. also it was very cheap, as in free. except for the gas and occasional ice cream afterward it was completely free. = ) tonight they rewarded the children with fancy medals for show and some hot dogs and treats. very cool operation and fun for the family. coyote kids running club!

in addition to our running event i went out and tried my skills on the track. a little slow to start but i managed a three minute quarter once and a thirteen minute mile. my legs would have given me another thirteen if not for the bloody blister my heel became. all together i put in two and a half miles and just for fun i ran a four min half mile. not too shabby for a novice big boy like me. i carry 270 well but excel in strength not cardio. the only time i enjoy moving over two mph is in the car. then the sky is the limit... whatever that means. faster is better?

so i guess i should include some doting thoughtful comments about my precious. what can i say... shes a band nerd, she makes me violent when she dances, and she just happens to be the sexiest thing on the planet. go figure huh?

she gave me everything when i deserved less than nothing. im not sure what that would be, but definitely less. she hates feet but loves mine. she loves God and her family. she has sacrificed all but limb and life to be the best mother and wife a woman could be.

life is not perfect, neither is marriage, but i like to think it just doesnt get better than this. rather than even considering the "grass" on the other side of the proverbial fence, i prefer...what grass? there is no other for thine eyes, i have found the one my heart desires. she is the princess bride of a lowly peasant. i could never be more humbled than the day she said, "I do".

love you Mrs. Floyd.

on a side not here are some lyrics for your consideration. you may want to read with your mind covered up...

Yes, she's my lady luck
Hey, I'm her wild card man
Together we're buildin' up a real hot hand
We live out in the country
Hey, she's my little queen of the South
Yea, we're two of a kind
Workin' on a full house

She wakes me every mornin'
With a smile and a kiss
Her strong country lovin' is hard to resist
She's my easy lovin' woman
I'm her hard-workin' man, no doubt
Yea, we're two of a kind
Workin' on a full house

Yea, a pickup truck is her limousine
And her favorite dress is her faded blue jeans
She loves me tender when the goin' gets tough
Somtimes we fight just so we can make up

Lord I need that little woman
Like the crops need the rain
She's my honeycomb and I'm her sugar cane
We really fit together
If you know what I'm talkin' about
Yea, we're two of a kind
Workin' on a full house

This time I found a keeper, I made up my mind
Lord the perfect combination is her heart and mine
The sky's the limit, no hill is too steep
We're playin' for fun, but we're playin' for keeps

So draw the curtain, honey
Turn the lights down low
We'll find some country music on the radio
I'm yours and you're mine
Hey, that's what it's all about
Yea, we're two of a kind
Workin' on a full house

Lordy, mama, we'll be two of a kind
Workin' on a full house

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  1. All is forgiven. Now I don't have to beat you up for calling her a dork. Good thing, 'cause I'm pretty sure you could (eep) Woop! There it is.