Thursday, July 16, 2009

work, work, work!

everyday i get up go to work and work Hard. I take great pride working hard for a living and makin stuff and fixin up. i am alot of things but im nothing if not a hard worker.

on occasion i work very hard. also from time to time i work for a very long time., for many days in a row. usually very hard work and 80 hour work weeks do not coincide. rather, knowing we have a heavy load we pace ourselves and get the job done working hard and steady but not very hard.

i can probably count on one hand the amount of times i actually worked as hard as i could for as long as i could, push, push, push and then giving more when i feel like giving up. when it gets tough i get tougher. its my thing... Hoorah!

yesterday was one of those days. except it had a weird creepy twist to add to the pile of 16 hour crap that was my day.

first of all. i get no family time. it just aint right. i wake up and go to work while they are sleeping then return to find they havent moved. right where i left them! .... or could it be that the got up ate breakfast watched cartoons played at the park ate popcicles in the sun sat to dinner at the table and had baths stories and bedtime and i missed it all. every last bit. it just aint right.

then to top it off im working double time to finish one project three days early to go to another project that needs twice as much prep as expected in the same amount of time, all to finish it off with working in the creepiest place imaginable well into the night.

so work went bad no big deal. it happens. but then after work work goes bad. yeah it happens but that just sucks. now the kicker, this work site in particular happens to be the place where just weeks before a man was horrendously murdered by his son with a hammer.... wow i know. try not to think about that at the end of a long day in the dark when its 100 degrees in this house with no a/c and i ran out of water (i drink a lot of water, this man dont run out of water) and there is no end in sight.

thats about the time i fall apart. but actually i kept it together long enough to come hobbling up the driveway into my poor wifes arms. drenched with sweat my shirt never actually dried since it became wet at 1030 am. not like damp like wet like in a swimming pool wet. mumbling my whiny frustration rather than loundly articulately doing so in order to conserve energy. then as she so sweetly starts my shower and cooks a fresh dinner just for me at 1200 am so i can eat a hot meal i pass out on the couch momentarily before being sleepwalking my way through a hot shower and a hot meal. only to wake up 5 hours leter and do it over again.

i did get home after only 10 hours today. this is acceptable. but just barely and only in respect to yesterday.

now that i have therapeutically worked that all out and feel better having complained in great detail i believe i can move on. but maybe tomorrow. i have some catching up to do here at home.

Home sweet Home.

"well ive been called a self-made man
and girl dont you belive its true
i know exactly how lucky i am
when im gettin this close to you

its high time im giving some praise
to those that got me where i am today

i gotta thank mama for the cookin
daddy for the whuppin
the devil for the trouble that i got into

ive got to give credti where credit is due
i thank the bank for the money
thank God for you!"


  1. Oh man, honey, I got a tear in my eye from that one. I'm so proud of the man God's made you.

  2. You, sir, are astounding. I am stunned. Not surprised, not by any of it. But stunned. You are a good, God-fearing man who is grateful for every good fortune he has in life and not overlooking one teensy bit of it. Dude, you are wise beyond your years.

  3. Just to clarify, what I find stunning isn't that you are who you are. The stunning part is your apparent lack of faults.

    Now, I am sure they are there. Somewhere. We all have them. They just aren't apparent.

    Just so you know.