Friday, July 17, 2009

fuel filter

i ran out of gas today. typically what seems to happen in my forever bleeding piece of blessed junk, is that the crud/debris floating around in my deteriorating fuel tank gets sucked up into my fuel filter. i know this because when one runs out of gas it is usually a puttering pitiful end. first you notice a lack in acceleration performance, then you putter a little, then you ease off the gas a bit if not completely and let it ride. cuase in my case im gonna be pushin and i dont want to push any farther than i have to. in some cases though, like mine today, the "gas junk" totally clogs the filter there by shutting down your fuel supply and shutting off the engine immediately.

so have you ever heard the story where this guy runs out of gas on the road and the engine putters out and the car has just enough momentum to roll into the gas station... yeah thats me apparently.

thank you Jesus!

so upon filling up my tank i pump the gas and hope for ignition but instead i got blah. pop the hood and disassemble the fuel lines leading to the filter. place filter in mouth and blow. reassemble, hit the gas and turn the key. vrrrooom! thats a beautiful sound.

she aint much to look at but i love that truck more than anything i own. it was given to me when i first started working for my present employer. a got to know a great guy named neil while working at a local coffee shop and he knew i was riding my bike to work at the time. he decided i needed something to get me around and just happened to have an "extra" vehicle sitting around.

1987 dodge dakota. first year ever made and it still has the original clutch. a little heavy, but would you want it any other way? really? i mean these new fancy things you can practically shift without the clutch and its like stepping on a plie of pudding. i need to feel something there. i need a manly clutch that fights back. anyways, this truck is the best thing ever. even more dependable than the family van we had to buy, that had to be newer cause it had to be dependable. besides if it does ever break i could strip it down and throw it back together in a weekend and it would run for another 200,000 mi. just love it. did i already say that? oh well. time for dinner and weekend fun. probably wont be posting till monday. im all about the resting. i dont need any evil computer distracting me from the holy important tasks of this life. ; )

god bless

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  1. OK, Superman, you can tear down and reassemble the entire fuel line with your bare hands, but can you fly? Hmmm?!?