Sunday, July 12, 2009


so basically computers are evil... magic and evil. in case you didn't know. So moving on.

i finally did it. A blogger am I. Just to set the record straight i hate computers and aside from their actually practical uses the whole social networking thing gives me some kinda shivery quivers.

"so", you say, "what gives?" "why are you here and why have you given in to the dark side you non-blogging antimyspace, facebook, twitter freak.

Well I will tell you. (duh, its a blog.) its because of the deep passionate unfailling love for her who is my wife...she rocks. And for no other reason, besides the fact im a total goofball and there are no inhibitions here keeping me from just saying whatever i want and not giving a crap what ever some poor unfortunate soul mishappens upon this place of mine...Mine! its all mine... mwahaha! ahem, as i was saying, not really caring what y'all think of what i have to say.

On a lighter note, I expect this will bring my wife a little laughter. so despite my hatred im sure to find my crossing over to the dark side to be profitable if only to put a smile on her face.


  1. Just saw a part of your testimony on my wife's blog (lemonade Making Mama). What a cool testimony. I'm sure your thinking, "yeah, you should have lived it". I understand, I have a testimony some find pretty unbelievable too.

    Good work with the blog. My wife set one up for me months ago and I still do not have my first one in (probably never will, don't tell my wife).

    God bless,


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  3. I was trying to say hey thanks for the sentiment... but it went all crazy and wrong. so, heres a less elaborate attempt,


    and dont worry, your secret is safe with me.