Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Man! Steve you rock.

so i mentioned in an earlier post something to the effect of my liking chess. i have several boards in my possession. one in particular is incomplete and has already cost me over 950 dollars. ( due to an unfortunate ER visit) but today arrived the pride and joy of my chess playing possessions. unbeknown to me Mr. Steve brought back with him a super slammin awesomest chess set with my name on it.

you know whats better than receiving gifts. receiving gifts that are totally unexpected. even better is upon discovering youve just received a gift then expecting something novel or token and preparing yourself to look appreciative and excited, to then find your self shocked and chagrined when an authentic emotional outpouring escapes your body and the people looking on are wondering if you will need medical attention. they with their fingers poised over the cell phone keys prepare to contact emergency response teams some recognizable words escape your mouth and now you become redundant on top of everything else." WOW i love it! no really i LOVE it"..... no really you think? if it wasnt obvious enough you have to tell everyone just how surprised you are and how perfect it is and love it...of coarse.

so anywho i got this chess set from china. kinda funny actually cause like everything you buy theres a little sticker on it that reads 'made in china', interestingly on this masterpiece that is my new prized possession i can find no 'made in china' even though it was made in china.

did i mention i love it.

note to steve: how very thoughtful. i cant tell you how much it means to me that you would on your own consider me and my interests enough to choose such a spot on gift like this just because. i dont expect i will be hugging you or anything at next our path meet. but when i received this bodacious gift i already gave you the biggest mind hug a guy can comfortably give... so i hope a hand shake and goofy huge smile will suffice.

here are some pictures. i took like fifty but i will spare you the flip book version : ) these are some of my favorites.

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  1. Now that is an impressive chess set!! Look at the detail...Makes me wish I could play. :)