Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today i actually struggled with what to say to y'all. I was thinking about what may be intriguing or comical to my small audience here. and while i thought a minute i realized something new. it had never occurred to me why the BLOG was such a big hit. but it has been truly satisfying to know that people enjoy (when im not being gross) reading what i have to say. i would have never guessed that i would enjoy writing or that anyone would care what i had to say.

but now i can hardly pass up the opportunity to put down in words something that will be read and appreciated by others.

well as i sit here listening to E.I. by Nelly on the pandora radio i cant help but recall some of my teenage years. i dont often revisits memories of yesteryear nor do i often partake in the genre of "gasgsta" music. but as i am familiar with nearly all types of music (totally love it all) i do occasionally like to get down wit it.

you may also be interested to know i love to dance. Crazy wild bohemian dancing is my thing. I have found that even without the influence of drugs or alcohol music just seems to communicate with my body... and so it moves.

wow what a week. sick people, time off work, working late with chocochip jan, dinner from friends (prepared for us at home and then purchased for us not at home), a huge package of diapers, more free homeschooling aids, and some picked and snapped and washed green beans. OH wow. shame on me for complaining about the work involved that i had no idea i would have no part in. and last but not least it is thursday and our house is CLEAN. like weally weally clean.

you may not know it but friday is our host a bible study night, and also grocery night, and also eat out night, and also a ridiculously terrible night to clean the house even a little just for bible studiers to gather on a clean floor in a cramped living room. friday is also the day mrs floyd spends almost the entire day away from the house which loosely translated means no bigmiddlelittle guys to trash it.

speaking of trashing the house. make no mistake about it, mrs. floyd can clean. with four kids 5 and under, two in diapers and one still nursing she can cook clean taxi doctor launder like nobodies business. the problem is these three and soon to be four little catastrophes we call our children. i mean that in the nicest sense possible. but sometimes the truth just is what it is. and they is catastrophes when it comes to housekeeping.

our house is small. and we are a large and ever growing family. recipe for disaster? maybe. but its what i love the most in this world. our family in our home. that always fits...

until next time!

answer to riddle- your word.
also apparently- a cold (thank you doug)
i didnt realize it was a multiple correct answer kind of riddle. now i know. : )

Rungs of a Ladder The rungs of a 10 foot ladder attached to a ship are 1 foot apart. If the water is rising at the rate of one foot an hour, how long will it take until the water covers over the ladder?...


  1. "your word" works much better than a "a cold". You give more credit than is due for my answer. But thanks anyway! :-)

    So, for this one I am going to say "never" since the ship will hopefully rise with the water.

  2. Clean is good. Family is better.