Sunday, August 9, 2009


i am currently holding little guy whilst i type. he who was sleeping just long enough to make me believe i may get an afternoon nap while mama runs out to bring home the bacon. like actual bacon...from the store. she didnt like take up employment outside the home or anything.

at this stage in babyhood he is kinda inconsolable upon waking and finding no mother present. but we are working on it. my only real fear is that he may stir the other sleeping children who are currently running on E in the kiddie fuel tank. they have a big evening to come and need a little rest yet.

we superfriends totally owned the buffet once again after church today. what great fun. i cant help feeling like i take advantage of them them though( the restaruant owners). those poor folks never see it coming. first they see my little ones and wave their small meal fee apparently underestimating the damage they can do to the desert bar. then there is me. after plate number five and everyone begins to pat their bellies and moan as they recall the half-dozen or so things they could have done without i come back with yet another plate. modestly portioned but clearly full. it seems to go unnoticed by our company...two trips later i throw out any attempt to look modest or like i care about what im feeding myself. i return with only what tastes best and with as much as will possibly fit on my plate. as the waitress clears my pile of 12 plates shes probably thinking not only that the children should have been charged full price but that i was probably hiding buffet food in my shorts and under my shirt and in my wife's purse. dont get me wrong, im a large guy, but i dont think its possible to imagine that amount of food going into a person my size. whats more? i actually came home and had a snack before lying down and attempting to rest. sick right?

well mrs floyd has returned and i am intending to sleep some good digestive sleep so i bid you adieu.

good day

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  1. Impressive indeed was your number of buffet trips but most awesome was that last plate that looked like a game of Crustacean Twister!