Tuesday, August 4, 2009


so you are already aware im sure of my superness. great feats of strength, crazy macgyver improvisation skills, and last but not least my super husbanding abilities. OH yeah! but what you may not have know (because only supers would know) is that one of the benefits of having super abilities are the circle of super friends that you may kick it with when you are not saving lives or fighting crime or doing the dishes.

a big thanks to Kwerkiegirl and her trusty sidekicks the Crash and Bang bros. for coming to the rescue of a fellow superfriend...Superhotgirl. also an honorable shout out to the fearless leader of the A. team, Mr. Gadget for so graciously sharing your wealth of supers . unless of course he has no idea what im talking about because perhaps he was working late or something and it just worked out great for us. in that case all credit goes to Kwerkiegirl. you rock.

while im at it i should mention the Band of Burtch's; Captain Arrowhead, Motherpearl and the legendary Pictureperfect girls. (because they are forever perfecting those crazy pictures) team B.o.B. is always ready to make way the path of fun and excitement.

despite their busy lives, these superfriends of ours, they still find time to make us feel overwhelmingly important to them and thats the awesomest feeling. sharing the burdens of of world together and totally conquering the chinese buffet on sunday afternoon. good times.

so to all you common folk out there, dont feel down cause you are not super. feel down cause you dont have superfriends. i know i would.

answer to last riddle. all the men were married. Booooo!

and now...What is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else?


  1. Kwerkiegirl deserves all the cred on that one. Whereas Mr. Gadget (so very appropriate, btw) was aware of Kwerks caper, he had nuttin to do widit except some unaccepted offers of heroism.

    I'm going to risk it all and say "what is a cold?" for $300.

  2. Dang, Matt - you can really WRITE! I look on here every day to see if there is anything new from 'The Husband'.

    ....and I am not just saying that because I got called a superfriend in this blog.... :)