Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hawkin it

I pid-E da foo !

thats us. ours all hair cuts broughts to you buy yours truly.
i thought id post it in case i get sent home from work tomorrow to cut it off for lack of professionalism and then you would miss the opportunity for viewing "matts mohawk"

its not technically a mohawk ( hence the quotes ) but its close. i just cant spike it as my hair is too short. my boys got it goin on though. they were cracking me up. they are rockstars by the way. at least they tell me that though... im still waiting on the check and tour bus that goes along with it, but im not gonna hold my breath.

still the thought is fun to consider. i mean after all only a few years ago my life plan was to follow a band tour endlessly and support myself selling grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot. thank God that didnt work out, but at least we know ive got it in me to be a roadie.

skype is cool. iben video chattin frequently this week. late at night. its like having friends over. actually its like having friends in a box and just taking them out to play whenever you like. way cool.

tomorrow i plan to post pictures of my latest venture. the coop. you'll understand when you see it. but if your interested tune in tomorrow for details.

a rather random thought just popped into my head, fishing, and of course then so did barri. and then so did the frickin hot weather. then i pretended it was cool and breezy out side and i wasnt working at work or at home and i was reeling in a big fish from a big boat that says lazy daisy on the side of it.

now i feel all warm and fuzzy. thats the thought i should go to bed with. im lucky i dont have something funny like a picture of my mother shopping for "stuff" in my head. then i could never go to sleep. never. so dont you think about it either you. MWA HA HA !!!

sweet dreams:)


  1. So here I am...stuck in "the box" enjoying a friend's (or so I thought!) blog...and then BAM! Out of nowhere, ANOTHER night afraid to sleep fearing dreams about...stuff. You...you...blingless Mr. T !!!

  2. Dude with a 'tude, you're killing me man.