Monday, August 10, 2009

I long to post post-haste for too long

my bloging is dying due to a lack of time. my schedule has brought on a severe case of notimeforblogpostitis. it may be fatal. in an effort to stay a drift until the professionals devise some sort of genius plan of action i will be making smallish posts and hope for the best.

i was thinking today about the poor unfortunate souls unfortunate enough to get caught doing something i find amusing. i mean it in a very specific sense... one that certainly does not apply everyone but to people in particular that find themselves into my vocabulary.

not just their name. but them really. thats why its funny to me and apparently why i say it so often... but anyways since you have no idea what i am talking about yet let me explain.

there are people i have known in my life who will forever until i die represent certain behavior in the form of their name. when i find someone telling a story about how about thier "cousin" i will call that pullin a brian. because in the case of brian he has no cousin or experience with the matter but needed a subject for speaking about something he doesnt know for a fact but wants you to believe it but not think his opinion is stupid if yours is contrary. in his case the cousin is stupid and not him.

also if you were to try and make me believe that something happened and you have no idea how it happened but you not only know how it happened you actually made it happen yourself that would be a tim.

if you poop your pants at work -a Timmay

and in my vocabulary there are: a greg , the tony , the before mentioned a tim a Timmay and a brian, getting daved and joshin yah.... i know the last one is not original to me in saying but it has special meaning that makes me laugh when i say it.

these people are not really very dear to me but their names and the humorous behavior they represent in my life will always be a part of who i am. thank you to each and every one of you for your unfortunate mishaps and bad days and lack of character that bring me so much joy.

and to the rest of you beware. im always trying to expand my vocabulary.

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  1. The title of your post is delicious. Well said.