Thursday, August 20, 2009

all cooped up

well the story is not exactly hot off the presses. not only was this post a day late i had some camera trouble as well which did not allow me too many an opportunity to take pictures.

so on with it man...

there's this house ive been working in... house? .. chicken coop converted into dwelling place maybe? yeah and so when i arrive at what was initially thought to be the job site i was flag from afar to what appeared to be an out building in the back forty.

now up until this time i have worked in entirely extreme opposites of quality of residential and commercial properties. and you will find dirt in the best of them, as you will find clean freak old ladies in the worst. yet on this day i was completely taken a back by the curious little animal housing that was "the house"

on a side note: you should know that i once found a half eaten cheeseburger under a sofa....

i will give you a moment.

well yes. maybe its not all that funny yet, but think of it this way. first of all the homeowner was unfortunately VERY overweight. which adds a little to it for me. mostly because we (at work) have this thing when we see fat (only very very fat) people we stare in shock and when they are out of ear shot we ask, " how many cheeseburgers do you have to eat to get that fat!" and then we laugh until it hurts... every time...

i know what youre thinking. hes goin to hell. but guess what... yeah maybe you are right, we will see.

so any way when we arrived at fat persons house (i know im just so sensitive) only to then start moving furniture and find a half eaten cheeseburger i could not help but to run gasping from the house about to hyperventilate from the irony and embarrassment from having to hide my laughing at someone from that same someone. then try to stab myself in the eye so when i return with left over tears in my eyes from laughing i could claim to have gotten something in my eye with out feeling too guilty.

so there it is. i laugh at fat people and bend the truth even to the extent of injuring myself in order to avoid the guilt of it all.

but really though when were you eating a cheeseburger and then you werent but you hadnt finished it and you werent concerned enough to find it did you just eat the next cheeseburger? did you have multiple ones unwrapped and so you lost track of the eaten and not eaten ones? maybe you had several brands of open cheeseburgers on your sofa and you were doing a taste test comparison taking one bite of each at a time and so then... you know what i dont know.

How do you lose a freaking cheeseburger man! its a sandwich!

so theres not much else to say about the house. its small. it used to house animals.

heres the pictures:

farm house on the right, coop in the back there
up close profile with low window and small doorme standing in doorway looking like gianthead touches ceiling


  1. Oh no, run, children. He's a giant!

  2. The occasional rogue fry is quite understandable. But a sandwich? Yeah...not getting seeing that one. I'm cracking up at the thought of you feigning injury to escape being caught at fat humor!

  3. I agree, french fries I find in the wife's van when we do a pre-road trip vacation type cleaning. I have 2 dogs so we NEVER have food on the floor or in any crevice anywhere in the house. We will not even bother picking up food off the floor if it is dropped there since a "Here Nina, Here Oreo" is much easier and more fun to watch.