Sunday, August 16, 2009

rubber ducky your so fun...

i will have you know i am currently sitting in my bathtub... and blogging. now before you run screaming from your computer at the horror your mind has conceived, it may please you to know the tub is dry and i am fully clothed.

but why?

why indeed.

have you ever been attacked? what about attacked with love? love? er, affection...? hmm i dont know what you might call it but it seems like some sort of unavoidable unpredictable onslaught of crazy good things that pounce at me against my will. ok so maybe attack doesnt fit here but its the best this little vocabulary of mine can do. i need a word that means attack but doesnt come with the negative connotation.

so if it were just an occasional random happening of unexplainable generous things happening to us i might be less suspicious while still totally appreciative. But it seems that certain people have obviously been going way out of their way to do unthinkable kinds of fun crazy exciting stuff all to often that frankly leads me to believe that they are completely intentionally and methodically spoiling us.

and so long story short, here i sit in my tub, literally, and i must say im quite enjoying myself, just in shock and denial and shock at the coolness of my new found geekyness. i am but a young padawan and great are the tasks ahead of me if i wish to join the ranks of geeky greatness. but my masters are wise in their years and soft in their hearts.

thanks guys

your cool.

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