Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so i pulled into the "24 hour" steak and shake. i was greeted by a clerk who informed me they had just closed... its 2:45 and i want a shake and your a 24 hour store thats only open till three and your lights on the highway sign and your closed?

"uh, yeah..."

k, thanks for nothin.

so i go to taco bell and get what i didnt want and paid more than i wanted for it. on my return trip i noticed the now fully closed steak and shake where the employee who greeted me before was standing in front of his open hood and shaking his head. i parked my work van in the adjacent lot where i was working and he shouted over, "got any jumper cables?"

"OH! im sorry.... i do have some but they like just closed dude. slow night."

happy trails sucka:)


  1. You should have asked for a free shake in exchange for use of your jumper cables.