Monday, September 28, 2009

my attempt at stripping...comic stripping :-)

so its rough, but im trying it on for size. i am really fond of the name and i think i can do a lot with it unless someone has already claimed it of course... should probably check into that. but any who, i am going to work on some character modification and maybe try to develop a few common places in which they may appear. havent decided yet but im thinkin no dialogue. so with out further adieu i give you My Sentiments Exactly

apparently if you click on the images you will see an enlarged photo. as i do not have a scanner, digital photo will be the means of publishing for now. the basic idea is a family with common family drama and or classic candid moments that simply have no barriers. most families should be able to relate in some way but im guessing most could sentiments exactly. we'll see. maybe look forward to one every two weeks or so. as time permits. this was just something i thought of this afternoon. and conveniently i was home from work.

until next time.



  1. Okay Matt, I have had a long day and it is only half over. :) I can't think of anything witty to say so I am just going to give you a boring and trite (but heartfelt), LOL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now darlin', what happened to the other frames? Surely you didn't take them out, did you?