Saturday, September 12, 2009


today is officially auction day. every saturday is auction day. not because its the only day that auctions take place round these parts but because its the only day i am able to go to auction and still it is only on occasion due to busy schedules and lack of dispensable income.

i have a friend that introduced me to auctions. it all started one saturday morning while we were supposed to be doing some volunteering at the church for various repair projects and on our way to the parts store he suggested we "drop by" (i say drop by becasue we must have been ther at least several hours) a nearby estate sale and see whats goin down.

from that moment on i was hooked. this was no garage sale, this was no gently used scratch and dent sale with still largely overpriced items, this was everyday household stuff in good condition that goes to the highest bidder. have you ever visited someones house and thought to yourself " wow thats cool" "i need me one a dim"..? well, in this case you can actually have it, you only have to be willing to pay more than the next guy to get it. and in some cases the money is raised for charitable purposes and your finding something you need actually benefits those in need of more basic things.

but even more than the auction i have found that the friend is a huge part if my enjoyment. in fact i wouldnt consider going if i knew he couldnt be there. he makes me laugh and imparts his wisdom in very savory morsels of humor. this guy is the best story teller hands down. let me tell you....well i just did.

i have learned a lot from him about being a christian and a father. and i always look forward to the next chance to just hangout and eat together. something else we share in common. cooking and eating.

i am not very flattering with words but in this small way i hope to impress upon you my value of his person and our friendship. even though i could never actually tell him this in person, as he is to manly and would probably feel uncomfortable with such a display of affection. after all he doesnt even drink out of a straw :^)


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  2. Awww, you're so sweet Matt. I would call him in to read this.....but he's at an auction. :)