Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Armed and Dangerous

Before you read any further this is totally in its entirety a TMI blog. so if your feeling like not knowing more than yo need to this is a good place stop. :)

I am terribly overworked. i know there are a great many of people who were previously employed and who now would be grateful for any work especially in great abundance, but i cant help but complain about the insane amount of jobs and their "importance". recently i have had four jobs overlap and require attention on a daily basis. this means that i need to be present and productive at each and attempt to stay on schedule. as a result i am sleep deprived, exhausted, and easily strained which hinders further my ability to balance this work and perform well.

BUT, i did have monday off. and i spent a large portion of it with fun loving friends and made the most of the free time we had there. gas station pizza is always a hit. i cant explain to you just how surprisingly tasty and satisfying pizza from the gas station is. but in a word... WOW. its not the best pizza you have ever had. but it soars above these chain restaurants and their ridiculous prices.

also the setting is perfect. plenty of room for the kids to run, make noise and explore to the extent of their imaginations.

the highlight for me though was something i would have never thought could be so invigorating. if i had known the effect it would have on me i would have rushed at the chance to do it much sooner and more frequently.

below is a picture of Mrs. Floyd trying her hand with a mossburg 500 20gauge with 2 and 3/4 in rifled deer slugs. and then the oh so famous Glock 40.

so in just a few days i have began to question random men and try to understand what exactly it is about a woman with a gun that is just so right.

while i will exclude the details of a majority of responses( try to keep it pg 13) i will tell you the most popular opinion is sex appeal.

now how in the world we (men) find women handling deadly weapons physically alluring i can never know. but something about it just screams sex.

another more thoughtful opinion suggested the authority was appealing. women are usually on the receiving end of authority. and men tend to be less submissive. yet somehow a woman holding a gun and having the potential for exerting her authority over you leads men to in some twisted way beg for the opportunity to be forced to do something that her dangerousness demands. so while im not into the whole bondage thing i can still relate to the idea of having an assertive and powerful lover whos every will demands submission. as she is holding a gun.

so anyway. what ever it is. and in what ever freaky way. all i know is big powerful guns that on their own bring thrill and excitement, are exponentially more thrilling and exciting when my sexy wife is the one handling them.

Mrs. Floyd... you go on witch ya bad self. cause D@MN!



    Thanks, honey. Now I can never look another human in the eye again. I guess we'd better get a dog or something, 'cause that's gonna be the extent of my socialization from here on out...

  2. Chris, you are always welcome at Mom's meeting, since very few men attend. However, I will have to put restrictions on you if other husband find out about your gun weilding ways and start lining up at the door! LOL I am going to copy this to your blog also!