Friday, September 11, 2009

drum roll please!

and now with out further adieu, i give you .... lion tattoo. (wild cheering in the background)
so there it is. its a done deal and theres no turning back. i am very satisfied with the results and the entire process for that matter. i had a rather pleasant time in the tattoo chair and the pain was nothing to speak of.

so far i have had no discomfort except for the ignorant application of cocoa butter with shea lotion i applied thinking that it constituted the "any hand lotion will do" remark that was given me. apparently NOT any hand lotion will do and in fact this kind feels like the flesh is being eaten off your body when applied to fresh wounds. it hurt worse than getting the thing itself.

so anyway. it is a lion. it kinda sorta represents Christ to me. (revelation 5:5) and in a more specific and meaningful sense it is something someone helped me relate to which ultimately gives me daily inspiration concerning my presence here and my destination. i will wear it proudly and fully enjoy the transition from non tattooed citizen to tattooed citizen.

probably wont be getting any in the near future. but the experience has been fulfilling and i should not expect that i would be hesitant if ever the enticement to decorate myself returns.

so long for now



  1. That completely rocks in so many ways, dude. You da man!

  2. You got the tattoo!! Welcome to the tattoo club! ^_^