Wednesday, September 16, 2009

breaking things

i was doing some reading and there was presented a question that begged my attention. i have long thought on this topic previously but to no end. basically what draws us, with our differences, together?

i cant speak for everyone nor do i believe it to be universal truth. but in my own investigations i have concluded:

1. while people with similar personalities obviously have similar interests in common, they also have similar flaws in common.

2. people with incongruent personalities, despite their difference in expression or analyzation, tend to compliment one another in areas where flaws exist.

i believe the scope is larger than just personality. it is the person at their base.

basically i give you two categories, things that fit together and things that go together.

on the level of personalities, you have a picture of like personalities "going" together, and unlike personalities "fitting" together.

in the first case the two appear exactly the same. each being particularly strong in the same areas a through f. the lettering representing desirable attributes of a person.

in the second the two are polar opposites. seemingly incongruent.

however when comparing the two sets as a pair rather than individually in comparison to each other you find that the results are reverse.

the before incongruent set when aligned in their respective categorical results make up more of a complete and well rounded set where as the other are even more disproportionately staggered.

alone, each person shows categories in which they excel and those which they fall well short. none are well balanced.

furthermore in the case of persons in relation to one another the "go" together category is even more strong in those areas with common traits while falling even shorter in their weaknesses.

there is the saying "opposites attract". and i believe there is some truth to this thinking. while you may be more likely to enjoy someone for the things you have in common than the things you dont. it is the person opposite from yourself who is going to be stronger and more experienced in your areas of weakness.therefore complimenting you.

as for the persons at their base, i will suggest to you that regardless of the labels we give ourselves, we are each complicated and intense reactive individuals. each with an entirely unique perspective that no one on this earth shares or can comprehend. and while we all show certain tendencies, our potential is not finite. God can and will use us to what ever effect necessary as he sees fit. and you will surely find in godly relationships, marriage to be sure, fruitful gains regardless of personality. but he created some to be feet and some to be hands. and we all will work together as one.


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  2. I love it...especially the last paragraph. You analyzed and put into words what I have always felt.

    Sorry, I had to delete the first comment. Typo.

  3. Sheds a whole new light on the words, "You complete me." Well, not You and Me, mind you, but you know what I mean. Dang it, man. Never mind.

    Good post. Nicely done. Great profundity. Beautiful hand model.

  4. Might I request less posts that make you think and more posts about girls shooting guns?