Friday, September 11, 2009

there goes the neighborhood

so i finally gave my boys a mohawk a couple of weeks ago. from time to time the eldest would ask and i would humor the idea. once i even agreed and then between getting my clippers ready and actually cutting his hair i somehow forgot and had to break the news. "dude, i forgot" i said. "what?" he said sounding wounded. yeah it was too late. but we got through it.

so the point is i also got a shorter version of the hawk for a whole in the spirit of fun experience. (which i have already posted both theirs and mine) but it was not intended to last. first i was sure that my boss would be displeased and second i didnt realize my wife would actually like it and encourage its continued presence.

a few days later after watching a friend being ruthlessly attacked by temporary tattoos, i agreed to wear one myself because it just looked like so much fun.

inevitably the classic tattoos and christians discussion followed. Mrs. Floyd already has a beautiful tattoo. as do many of our friends. from time to time i have played with the idea of getting one but i never committed to any thing and didnt feel strongly either way.

basically where i stand is as follows. the passage in leviticus deals with pagan worship. in the surrounding text it mentions things like trimming your beard and cutting the hair around your temples, as well as eating kosher food. many christians today eat lots of stuff forbidden in the law and dont think twice about shaving or getting a haircut. yet they dont consider these actions to be offensive or taboo. i think it basically comes down to two issues. why are you getting it and will it cause a christian brother to stumble.

i dont buy the body is a temple argument. i can understand living with habits that discourage a healthy body or mind, such as smoking, abusing alcohol and drugs, eating poorly, pornography, etc. but choosing to draw on your self (temporarily or permanently) something that is enjoyable or meaningful is hardly disgraceful or pagan worship.

the romans 14 issue is what concerns me most. i have to believe that having a tattoo will surely be seen as good by some and bad by others. it really not even a matter of opinion.

the thing i find interesting is that more than likely those offended will be "christians" or simply conservative people. those that may find it alluring will likely be like minded believers or lost people with whom i will have this new affection in common. i am not by any means getting a tattoo for the express purpose of glorifying God. but i do look forward to the opportunity to share my witness with those who it appeals to as it has particular meaning to my new life.

im diggin the mohawk, and at 430 today i will be undergoing the tattooing process. caution to the wind and that stuff. i am really enjoying myself, and not felling guilty for it.

thanks to everyone for inspiration and encouragement. stay tuned for the results. i will post pictures promptly.

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  1. Well what are you waiting for? Where are the photos?