Tuesday, November 10, 2009


ok people. i know your world revolves around me so let me say " so soddy so soddy"
i had no intention of leaving you hangin like that. actually i had originally had no intention of dragging you along at all. but know that we are here i cant bear the guilt of just dropping you cold.

so first order of bidness be my boss. AKA Harley.... which is short for, - hardly does anything. he has been a major source of entertainment lately. for starters he has this look. its this raised eyebrows mouth slinked open whadya go in do dad fer kinda look. he does it when hes mad about something. usually something like him being the boss and me not caring and doing what i want anyway. so then comes the look. then come my less than respectful responses which include but are not limited to....

1. why should i start listening to you now?
2.is that just a suggestion or do you actually expect me to do it your way?
3.dude just shut up and let me do my job.
4. Bite Me!

so about a week ago i perfectly perfected in the most perfect way "his look" ...(i already stole his 'tch'). and so now when things get tense i just give HIM the look. and voila, tension neutralized. also, when i say stolen i dont mean i knocked it off and he still uses it despite my harassment. i mean i stole it. since the day he got mad and i did his look and he laughed now he is incapable of doing his look (cause i have it) because he sees it on my face in his head and he starts laughing which gets me out of trouble every time....

so im not manipulative or anything, but as far as i can tell, i have become invincible to any anger or disappointment from my management. Mwahahahaha!


so, that being said my work has been at times long and miserable, but always fun. i have like the greatest boss i could imagine. so much so that im pretty much spoiled for working anywhere else like ever. i have only had my un-submissive attitude toward all and any authority nurtured and encouraged.....im tainted goods :D

well short and sweet ought to be the best way to wedge this waste of energy into my already insufficient amount of day. STUPID lack of day!


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