Friday, November 13, 2009


"if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice", these are the famous lyrics from RUSH, in a song entitled Freewill, and i find it so peculiar that this is true. its so simple yet consistently true. in-arguably true. just try not to make a decision. you cant. you could choose neither yes or no but you have indeed decided and thats the point.

so much of our lives is the choices we make. not important life changing decisions but moment to moment decisions that are necessary for functioning on a very basic level. when you are conscious in the morning you choose to open your eyes, stretch roll over, get out of bed, walk, step over toys, make your way to your chosen destination, all while calculation how much time you have before work, then prioritizing your tasks in that time and what clothes you'll wear and food you'll eat.

thats only upon waking and going to the toilet to pee. just imagine for a moment what kinds of choices you make everyday and then the factors that weigh on your decisions. despite the consequences of your actions that were based on choices more choices lie ahead and there always will. inescapable.

well, short and sweet is the vehicle for progress. i bid you adieu.

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