Thursday, October 22, 2009

wheel-hair eye yam-show lap knee seal a- in crawl may Joe!

yeah its a stretch.....but in celebration of my two day streak i had to give a little of myself.

i didnt think much about knowledge today, not as much as i thought i might at two in the morning when i thought about it. but for kicks lets go down that road a moment longer. how long is the literary mile any way? if i say come with me a mile, and so you are required two, how long exactly are you gonna be required to tag along regardless of how dehydrating-ly dry the following text becomes? hopefully its far enough, because despite my horribly misplaced biblical reference which even in legitimate context is horribly misconstrued, i promise to have truly delightful fun for all. so the knowledge. lets get on with it man! knowledge even at its best, is flawed. take the best text books and the most promising scientists research today, give it twenty years and id be shocked and she-grinned i you not only found new material in them, but also corrected material.thats just twenty years, give it a hundred and all of a sudden we are looking like the dark ages back here in the most informational, technological society in history. thats really not saying much is it.

so then theres the "special" knowledge. the knowledge that goes beyond research and basic intuition. this is in the territory of secret age old knowledge that you can not discover but be entrusted with by one to whom said info was previously passed down.

exploring further, in the case of actual knowledge, there is finally divine is not flawed, it does not change, it is not discovered, it exists in God. His is the fullness of knowledge. He gives to whom He chooses as He chooses and as much as He chooses. and to whom he gives he also gives the capacity to understand. there is no barrier of intelligence or effort. in the case that he audibly or visually reveals to you in the way that only he, can information he deemed necessary for you to know, you will surely no stand thereafter scratching your head going, "so what now? i dont get it."

the last category i present to you encompasses all of the cases in which people search for, seek after, or claim to have witnessed so as that some secret "special" knowledge is the result. there are too many to name but a few i have in mind are those like dubious conspirators, religious leaders, and the political social class. the list is extensive and these opinions are by no means based on scientific research.....just how i see things. perhaps there are more categories and better argument for and against such a position, but i dont have any interest in proving my case. i only observe and report. theres not much you can say to one who witnesses something and tells you about it besides," i dont believe you." observing something doesnt make what i have to say about it correct, but whats true is how i veiw these things i witness.

the pursuit of knowledge is noble, and fruitful. i love it. unfortunately to this point in my life ive not experienced any divine revelation nor do i have any ties to secret family ordinances (that is, if i did i couldnt tell you.....but i dont) also, i dont really even mind people seeking after meaningless dead end wild goose sort of stuff. after all its that very search that could end up bringing them to real moral conviction. my problem lies with the folks who prey on the ignorant and naive. they give false arguments or testimony and urge people to take serious considerations of their message or suffer the consequences. and thereby holding a power over them as only these leaders posses and can recieve the special knowledge.

so any who, its hunting season. im not hunting of course, but there is some wild game running round the parts. and so i do what i must, and nurture the desire for my young to learn the basic skills of survival.

i think the children have a fairly healthy perspective on animals and thier functions. they clearly respect life but have a strange fascination with hunting and even when presented with the idea of death and blood and these things that are a part the hunting experience they still seem positive . hopefully chandler will join me soon for some sitting. i am planning to watch some deer and explain the basic processes that would take place. and if fortunate enough to see deer on multiply outings work our way up to actually taking a deer and beginning the first steps toward a young respectful hunter. i wont demand my children hunt. but i will try and persuade them to have the knowledge it takes to be effective if they would ever have the need. hunting, gathering, building fire, finding or making shelter. there is much i will give to my children as they become of age and most of it will have some useful application (specifically principles and a biblical moral foundation) but providing for yourself and others in times of crisis are invaluable and unfortunately a growingly less popular area of education. we depend so much on the way the world runs, the way we expect it to keep running. but perhaps there will be a time when in our lives when or our childrens or thiers, that knowledge as important as this will be useful. then again its always been fun just being in the woods and doing manly stuff. :)

i need to close my eyes. this is not cohesive to typing. im outta here.


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