Wednesday, October 21, 2009

forever and a fortnight....

oh how i love the, let me count the ways...

i have neglected myself. unintentionally mind you. but this is no matter. i love writing. i dont know what to call it, i dont know what im doing, i only know the feeling i get when my mind spills out into this box. (the one you cannot see of course but the one i am typing into currently, the one you likely are fondly familiar with if you count yourself in the blogging lot. thats the one.)

so as i set out to say i have been longing for this moment that has been for so long without precedence in respect to the demands of my life. but now in this moment i wallow in the freedom and pleasure it is to tell you that which you need not know. things that concern me and not you but that i care to broadcast here for my entertainment and yours.

i have pictures, i have themes, i have entire blogs posts stuck in my head begging to be known. but that requires gathering complete thoughts, organizing them, and painstakingly critiquing very words i chose so carefully. the same ones i would have haphazardly blurted out in mere moments to just about anyone with ears.

-by the way i really like the word tremendous, i really do. :)

so instead of killing the moment i will just give you a few words to chew on and leave the real posting for times when life is more suitable for sitting down and being creative....and painstaking...

what is it about people that lead them to seek "special knowledge". not even for the sake of knowing, rather possessing. knowledge is funny.

when i think of knowledge i cant help but think of the garden and that tree. that tree of the knowledge of good and evil. did this tree have special powers. was it just another tree in the garden with only special significance in the sense that God said dont eat of it? when she ate did she have some magical transforming life experience, or was it just guilt. maybe she ate a piece of normal fruit that she wasnt allowed to because God had said. and when she ate it she had only eaten a peice of fruit, but in doing so had now possessed the knowledge of good and evil.

since the beginning we have had knowledge, but not all knowledge. in pursuit of greater understanding we go to great lengths but with no end. we cannot create life, we cannot stop death when it is at hand. in this vast universe we are limited to our tiny speck of a place. in the thousands of years we have been here we have made huge advances in information and the many uses of it. yet everyday we discover more and more still, yet with that understanding comes even more questions than answers.

i can barely keep my eyes open and work is getting closer by the second, i still have so much more to say, so maybe this can be a two part series, but its hard to say when i will return, so take it for what it is. what is knowledge? why do we desire it? what are the effects of it. these are somethings i will be pondering at work tomorrow. looking forward to it already!

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